Goodbye, errors!

Proofreading is undeniably a vital part of the artwork production, not only for the content providers, but also for the designers and printers assigned to produce it. This is where we come in: Inform Content Compare makes proofreading foolproof.

Inform Content Compare

Inform Content Compare is an automated proofreading product suite for professional electronic comparison of artwork files. It is entirely web-based, works on any operating system, is fully GMP validated, and contains four modules:

Text Compare

Graphic Compare

Hard Copy Compare

Hot Folder

Inform Content Compare contains everything you need for your workflow

Text Compare

Extracts and compares text from artwork files

Supports all languages, also Arabic and Hebrew

Executes the comparison in seconds

Supports PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Word, Excel and other file formats

Graphic Compare

Pixel based comparison for revision control of artworks

Compares up to 2 billion pixel images

Supports PDF, AI, and various image formats

Handles masking of areas and color harmonization

Hard Copy Compare

Print inspection in the cloud

Automatic alignment and rotation detection

Scanning and comparing can be performed separately on different locations

The only global web-based solution for hard copy comparison on the market

Hot Folder

Graphic Compare without user interaction

Silent integration to your workflow

Report PDF generated as output

Licensed separately

Why choose Inform Content Compare?

It is as easy to use as it is accurate. You do not need to possess any special knowledge or install any new programs to use Inform Content Compare. And since Inform Content Compare works on any device while being 100 % web-based, you can just as easily secure the quality of your artwork from a beach in the Bahamas as from your home or office space. All you need is a browser and a standard installation of Adobe Reader on your workstation. It is as simple as this:

Step 1: After having contacted us at InformaIT, you will have an account set up and a login sent to you. Then, log in, simply by using your browser – no need for any cumbersome installations. No remote desktop, nor Java.

Step 2: Choose any of the three Content Compare modes, then upload the artwork files you want to compare. The supported formats are PDF, Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. 

Step 3: Click to compare your files. Within seconds, the results of your analysis will be displayed on your screen and summarized in a printable report, including artwork images showing the exact location of all deviations detected. 

Step 4: All you have to do now is simply to make a note of each deviation, before exporting the proofread artwork into a PDF – directly in Inform Content Compare. And you are done!


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